Metropolitan Federal Credit Union Home Banking

Board of Directors

Unlike other financial institutions, a credit union is owned and controlled by the people it serves. A small group of members is chosen to guide operations on behalf of their fellow members. The board decides how best to use money earned, what services to offer, under what conditions, and at what rates. Our board have volunteered their time, and are people you should know.


Board Of Directors


David Mingucci Board Chairperson
Joe Drake Board Vice-Chairperson
Quinton Neely Board Treasurer
Karl Eggers Board Secretary
Jeffrey Kilgore Board Member
Ronald White Board Member
Bill Niswonger Board Member


Supervisory Committee


Paul Pelton Supervisory Committee Chairperson
Kelly Kilgore Supervisory Committee Member
Vaughn Cornish Supervisory Committee Member


Office Staff


W. Rogers Zirbel President
Barbara Woolery Vice-President
Karl Eggers Business Development


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